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Getting Tile and Grout Cleaned and Sealed in Ventura County

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Hard-surface flooring is a popular choice and is replacing wall-to-wall carpet as the leading seller in new flooring, in the United States. It is a really good choice when combined with soft textures such as wall-to wall carpet, area or Oriental rugs and sofas, which all need professional cleaning annually. But does tile and natural stone tile such as travertine or marble need professional cleaning? If so, how often? Who should you select to do the job, and what credentials should they carry?

The grout needs professional care after several years of normal use. Of you have pets maybe sooner. If the grout lines are much darker where you walk than they are near walls and/or under furniture or area rugs, then you need professional service.

The best system used cleaning tile and grout or natural stone- (which is different from honing and polishing)

1) Your tile and grout is inspected to determine matterials and make-up (very important- never trust a cleaner who doesn’t know how to do this)

2)    Your tile and grout is pre-treated with a special cleaning agent to break down oils and to brighten your grout. Then we use either a hand- brush or rotary brush machine to work it in or to pre-clean soiled tile surfaces.

3)    Your tile is rinsed with very hot water which is pressurized to 100 PSI through a special rotary tool. This will extract all of the water into a recovery tank in our truck-mounted machine. Nothing sprays outside of the machine- there is no mess in your home.

4)      This professional tile cleaning system removes ALL soil, greasy oils, and normal residues that have built up or soaked into the grout. If you have a grout stain or tile soil problem, this cleaning system will give amazing results. However, after cleaning there may be some permanent stains in the grout or the tile, or imperfections in the grout from when the grout was installed. We do highly recommend that you have the grout sealed by Four Seasons as part of the job,  after cleaning. Our grout sealer is superior to ones found in stores because it protects for years against the staining of that  porous grout material, caused by it soaking up soiled water during mopping, and oils from animals’ fur and feet.

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