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Getting Holiday Cleaning, Protection and Sealer Done in Ventura County

Last night I got a voice mail at our office.  A customer had spilled egg nog on her new  light- colored area rug which she had recently spent over $1,000 on.  She wanted to know if we at Four Seasons Rug and Upholstery Care could get the spot out.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Camarillo

I gave her some advice on do-it-yourself initial spot cleanup, then we made an appointment to pick up the rug. I also told her about our rug and fabric protector service, and she is having the rug cleaned and protected by us. And, no, the spot would not come out 100% because the rayon fabric materials in the rug are very subject to permanent staining. However, now that we have treated the surface with our fabric protector, she and her rug are in much better position going forward through the holidays.

tile and grout cleaning westlake village

Another customer had us come over to do an estimate on tile and grout cleaning. She had had major renovation to the house and the contractor had soiled the tile and grout heavily. So, we have scheduled her for tile and grout cleaning AND grout sealing. This will prevent the grout from becoming permanently stained in the future.


Whether  you need Oriental rug cleaning, wool or synthetic area rug cleaning  (all expertly done at our Four Seasons Rug Care Studio in Camarillo), tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, we are clean and sober, smelling good, and ready to serve you!




Our Oriental Rug Bath Facility Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara

Many carpet cleaners promote themselves as “Oriental Rug Cleaning Masters” or “Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts,” but do not actually have the experience, training or specialized equipment necessary for doing a thorough cleaning of an oriental, or other natural-fiber area rug.  Usually they are actually not experts in Oriental rugs, and will use normal carpet cleaning equipment to clean your rugs, and do not even have professional rug-dusting equipment to pre-clean your rug with. This pre-dusting is what shakes sand and grit out of the rug as a first-step.

The number-one expert-recommended method of cleaning many of these rugs is called “full water immersion.” This is where the rug is actually soaked and washed in a flat bath of cold water, after a pre-shampoo to get out tough spots, stains, and soils.

Since opening our rug cleaning facility in Ventura (Four Seasons Rug Spa, 5757  Olivas Park Dr.  # N, Ventura, CA, 93003), building a tried and- tested system  which we purchased  in November, 2009,  and purchasing a second truck for pick-up and delivery of rugs,  we have been really ratcheting up production in our Oriental Rug and Persian rug cleaning operation.  Our Full water-immersion system has cleaned out pet stains, sand, dirt and stains from Camarillo to Ventura to Santa Barbara and our customers are sending in their testimonials.

Kate Garcia of Camarillo says: “Dan removed coffee stains from my oriental rug. Before Dan’s amazing work I was rather ashamed of the rug’s appearance. Now it adds beauty to my home again! I am so pleased! Thank you Dan for the attention you pay to detail, for your courtesy and professional treatment of myself, my home and a prized possession. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my family, friends, and neighbors. I live in Camarillo and am very happy to have found Four Seasons!”

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