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Can an Old Area Rug Be Cleaned and Repaired?

A very nice lady from Thousand Oaks, CA came into our shop with a very dirty, frayed area rug. She said, “last time I sent it cleaning somewhere, it looked really dirty when I brought it, but it came out great.”  Well-the problem is, that was ten years ago. Since then she has not had it professionally cleaned and it obviously takes a lot of traffic.

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This Area Rug Went Too Many Years Without Professional Cleaning

She said the rug was fifteen years old, and that it was wool, made by Karastan. She left the rug with us, for cleaning and repair, and my wife Sylvie told her we would be calling her with a quote on repairing all four edges.

Now I have done two attempts and test- cleaning one two-foot by two- foot corner. The dirt has been ground in for so many years that the cleaning results are just not spectacular, as they usually are in our company.

So, we will be calling this customer and referring her to someone who can sell her a new rug.

Much of the reason for my conclusion has to do with the actual value and origin of this carpet.

  • it is a machine-made wool with a synthetic ( latex and polypropylene) backing
  • the value (and quality) when it was new is inferior to a hand- woven “Oriental” rug
  • the soil had simply been left to accumulate for too many years and became a permanent stain-traffic area
  • the rug, since it contains latex, cannot be immersion- washed in our fresh water bath system
  • the frayed edges are a tell-tale sign that this machine- made carpet rug is ready for retirement (dumpster!)

We do specialize and the most thorough, squeaky-clean with no chemicals cleaning for any area rug. And, we often perform near- mriacles on some really dirty carpets. Our company is certified by Woolsafe USA as such. However, this one was just too far gone, given it’s original quality. Actually Karastan makes some very nice rugs, but this i one of their “moderately priced”  rugs.

Hope this is helpful- and if you ever have a question about area rugs or Oriental natural hand-made rugs such as Persian rugs in Ventura County please give us a call! Below you see an image our our wash process for hand-made rugs.

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Get Maximum Carpet Spot and Stain Removal In Ventura County

Do you have spots traffic lanes and stains in your carpet that just won’t seem to go away?

Call 805-985-6031 and save $25 by mentioning this blog!

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Perhaps you’ve been trying to clean them yourself with bottles and products you bought at the store but the spots keep coming back. Or perhaps the carpet cleaning company who you have hired remove the spots but then once the carpet dried they came back

At our company we offer a free return trip in the case of returning spots for 30 days, and while we are at your house we also make a meticulous effort to clean every soil or spotted area until all the dirt is out.

Why are returning spots in traffic lanes such a problem when people hire a carpet cleaning company?

The IICRC, the world’s largest certifying body for the cleaning industry -providing professional training, company certification and standardization, tells us that many steps must be performed by the cleaning technician in order to achieve a professional and long-lasting cleaning result.

However most carpet, rug, tile and upholstery cleaning companies skip at least half of the necessary steps for a great result.

At Four Seasons Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, an IICRC CERTIFIED FIRM, we perform our own 12-step carpet cleaning process for maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal. It’s not a “quick- get-in-and-out” process. At our company we offer a free return trip in the case of returning spots for 30 days, and while we are at your house we also make a meticulous effort to clean every soil or spotted area until all the dirt is out.

Just give us a call at 805-985-6031 for a quick ballpark quotation!

Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Expert Dan Traub

About the author: Dan Traub is an IICRC certified Firm owner and certified technician and trainer. He is the author of his own book “How To Avoid Nightmare Carpet Cleaners,” and a featured online author on





Getting Holiday Cleaning, Protection and Sealer Done in Ventura County

Last night I got a voice mail at our office.  A customer had spilled egg nog on her new  light- colored area rug which she had recently spent over $1,000 on.  She wanted to know if we at Four Seasons Rug and Upholstery Care could get the spot out.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Camarillo

I gave her some advice on do-it-yourself initial spot cleanup, then we made an appointment to pick up the rug. I also told her about our rug and fabric protector service, and she is having the rug cleaned and protected by us. And, no, the spot would not come out 100% because the rayon fabric materials in the rug are very subject to permanent staining. However, now that we have treated the surface with our fabric protector, she and her rug are in much better position going forward through the holidays.

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Another customer had us come over to do an estimate on tile and grout cleaning. She had had major renovation to the house and the contractor had soiled the tile and grout heavily. So, we have scheduled her for tile and grout cleaning AND grout sealing. This will prevent the grout from becoming permanently stained in the future.


Whether  you need Oriental rug cleaning, wool or synthetic area rug cleaning  (all expertly done at our Four Seasons Rug Care Studio in Camarillo), tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, we are clean and sober, smelling good, and ready to serve you!