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Get Your Area Rugs Cleaned In The Spring

Rug Cleaning Is Important Every Year

Did you know that moths swarm in the Springtime?  Yes, and these moths love to lay eggs in your area rugs. When they hatch, the larva  often feed on the wool and other natural fibers, causing a loss of  your favorite rugs an a mess in your home.

Get Them Cleaned At a facility, Not At Your Home

Thorough cleaning and washing cannot be done at your home. We at Four Seasons Rug and Upholstery Care offer the best, guaranteed service in Ventura County with full pick- up and delivery services available.

area rug cleaning camarillo

How often should area rugs be cleaned?

Carpet and rug manufacturers pretty much all concur that carpets and rugs should be cleaned annually. Our advice- for area rugs in a high- traffic area of your home or office- – every two years at a minimum. This will make them last longer while always looking beautiful.

In- between, vacuum at least weekly and don’t let a beater bar run over fringes or edges.

Our Newsletter… To Help You Keep Your Home Beautiful!

We are pleased to announce that our printed “Newsletter” is now available online as a web version newsletter. Our goal with this communication tool is to help you keep your home beautiful, particularly in the light of the new cleaning methods out there and confusion about the cleaning industry. In this newsletter you will find a great special offer for you. To get access to our February Newsletter, just click the following link Newsletter 2014 – web version. Enjoy your reading!

Rug Stains Can Be Hidden By Our Color Enhancement

rug before

This wool oriental area rug from Pakistan was badly stained by a pet accident. After our wash process, there was still a major permanent stain. So, we called our client and she decided to have us “tea wash” the rug to help hide the stain. See below for the result after our dying process (which is permanent)

Rug Repair and Dying Ventura CountyMuch better! This permanent tea wash gives your rugs a beautiful “new” look!

Oxnard Client Aquires Rare Oriental Rug At Great Price

Our client bought this beautiful Tunesian flat-weave Oriental carpet here in Ventura County. He has been having Four Seasons Rug Care pick up all his area rugs in Oxnard where he lives for our wash process. He also loves our premium Oriental Rug Pad that we custom- cut for each rug that he collects. This client travels the world in his occupation and that is how most of his purchase are made. However, this one he found at a local store! You can stop by there and see all the great deals they have on rugs and other furnishings! Consignment Warehouse-  921 E Ventura Blvd  Oxnard, CA 93036



Ventura County Oriental Rug