How To Get Great Value On Cleaning Services

Buyer beware: bait and switch cleaning companies abound

You notice that your carpet needs cleaning so you look for a good deal online. You make a few phone calls and you’re sure that you feel really good about the company who you selected, and it’s also a great price! But on the day of your carpet cleaning the first thing that happens is that the person who comes to your door either is from a different company than the one you called– or they look scruffy and lack manners.

The rest of your experience for the next couple of hours turns out to be a nightmare. You wind up paying way more than the price quoted if you want to get a decent job. However, once the carpet dries, all the spots come back – so you call the company and get voicemail. No one ever calls you back- and the “great deal” that you thought you were getting turns out to be a waste of money. What is the real story behind most of these “companies?”

All you have to do to start a carpet cleaning business is have a few bucks and go down to the local tax office. You can buy the license and they don’t require any proof of insurance–they don’t require proof of any training. A new company doesn’t have to have background checks or any type of evidence that they even know how to do the work they are getting licensed for.

At Four Seasons Carpet and Upholstery cleaning we hear these kind of stories like the one I described above all the time. People hire us because they’re willing to pay a little more to have a guaranteed job done by truly reputable, qualified professionals.employeeCALL US NOW FOR A QUICK QUOTATION! 805-642-4784 MENTION OUR WEBSITE AND GET $50 OFF ( min fee still applies)

Why do we have to charge more? Because we do way more for you. For instance if we charged anything less than we currently charged we have to cut some of our services both in the operational side and on the administrative side. Most cleaning companies do over four jobs per day per van. At our company our current average is 2.5 jobs per day, so we spend more time at your house doing a great job instead of a shabby job done quickly.

Also, in our office, the service that you will be getting includes a very professional quotation process with transparent pricing, scheduling and a follow-up call made to you several days after the carpet has had time to dry to make sure that you are extremely happy with the carpet cleaning job. If any spots had come back we arrange to come back over to your house quickly and re clean the areas of concern free of charge and at no obligation to you. All of this cannot be done and keep the company running if we are trying to compete on price with the “bottom fish” carpet and tile cleaning companies.


The other thing is the quality of our employees costs more money to the company. Our employees do not work on straight commission. Once they have been thoroughly trained by us – and I mean thoroughly trained, they work on a wage plus a production bonus. We pay and compensate them well (including a health insurance program) so that they will be motivated and inspired to deliver you fulfillment of our company mission-“to provide the most outstanding service experience ever.”

Who Will Really Be Coming To Your Home?

Most carpet/ floor cleaning companies never do background checks on their prospective employees.I Know of dozens in my area who don’t do it. Why do you think that is? It’s because background checks cost money. Just try calling around and see what their pitch to you is. Of course. if you ask if they do background checks they’re going to tell you that they do. All of our employees have been screened through Paychex and we do not proceed with hiring if the background check is unfavorable in any way.

Also, an employee who works on commission only or for minimum wage is working for a boss who is cutting expenses like insurance, top-quality cleaning agents, training etc. Do the math. That kind of company would not be able to stay in business if they didn’t cut all of the important expenditures that I have outlined – ones that ensure that you will have a guaranteed positive result and a positive experience.

Our business is a results-oriented business and an experience oriented business. Therefore what’s the point of having a great price if at the end of the day the customer is dissatisfied?


So how does a company with truck mounted equipment clean five rooms for $125?


If a company charges cheap prices, they are either cutting back on important service steps, or they are over budget will soon be out of business. There’s no other explanation.


Don’t trust an uneducated or unscrupulous carpet cleaner to clean your home or business. Call Four Seasons Carpet Rug and Upholstery Cleaning at 805-985-6031. We are working hard to be the most reputable cleaning company in Ventura County.