Holiday Spot and Spill Guide

If you’re planning all of your Christmas cookies, gravy, cranberry sauce and other sticky sweet treats and sides, perhaps you have concerns about that light colored dining room chair set or that Oriental rug under your dining room table- or the carpet in your family room.

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spills, spots and stains guide

Holiday Meals Can Stain Your Rugs and Carpet

Here’s a list of some common spills and some do it yourself instructions for getting them cleaned up so they don’t cause permanent stains. (note – if your carpets, rugs and upholstery are protected with a quality fabric or fiber protector applied by a certified cleaning company – there is far less chance of a permanent stain)


CAUTION-never scrub your textiles with brushes – and be careful with the dry cotton terry towels to block instead of scrubbing so as not to cause abrasion fiber blooming and damage.

Cranberry sauce

(also works for spots caused by cookies, candies and breads)

This is acidic and it has a higher chance of making a permanent stain- so if it does spill, make sure to blot with a dry cotton terry towel ASAP. Next, mix a few drops of common dish soap (for hand dishwashing not the automatic dishwasher kind) in a cup of warm water. Dip the corner of a dry cotton white terry towel in the solution and wring it out a little bit. Dab the stain with the wet corner of the towel. Repeat if necessary. If this does not work you can apply a very small amount of the solution directly to the stain but don’t get the area too wet.  Next block with the dry cotton terry towel.

Gravy – since this contains fats, make the dishwashing detergent solution a little stronger then the cranberry sauce remover instructions above. Follow the same steps as for the cranberry sauce, but when you were finished also neutralize the area as follows:

Mix a capful of white vinegar  ( must be white unflavored) with a cup of water. Dip the corner of a white cotton Terry towel in the solution and wring it out a little. Apply this to the fibers – simply to neutralize the detergent and make sure that a soapy residue was not left behind.

Red wine

(this also works for cranberry sauce if first method fails) Follow the instructions for the gravy spots except add a pinch of “Oxy Clean” powder to the detergent solution for the first wet step – and allow it to sit on the stain for 10 minutes before proceeding. BE CAREFUL WITH OXYCLEAN- DO NOT OVERUSE!

NOTE- spills with artificial food coloring will possibly require professional carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning service

we hope this is helpful – but you may need a professional cleaning by a certified company- and for the “most outstanding service experience ever”  in Ventura County or North Los Angeles, call us at Four Seasons for immediate service at 805-642-4784