Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?
The major carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 6 to 18 months to maintain the appearance of your carpet, and Stainmaster, for instance, requires that it be done at least every 18 to 24 months to maintain your warranty.  We can keep your furnishings looking their best with regular maintenance.  Don’t go a minute longer with stained, dingy or unhealthy carpets!

A myth that we often hear is that regular carpet cleaning causes carpet to become quickly re-soiled. Unfortunately many companies, because of bad procedures, are leaving chemical residues in carpet after cleaning. Also they use strong chemicals for every step which damages the protector in your carpet fibers. We guarantee this will not happen when you hire Four Seasons.Depending on the age of your carpet (older carpet gets soiled faster), professional carpet cleaning should be done every six to twelve months.

Is “Steam Cleaning” (Hot Water Extraction) detrimental to the life of my carpet?
No. Tests indicate steam cleaning does not affect the integrity of carpet, and is the number-one recommended cleaning method of major carpet manufacturers. In fact, “Stainmaster” (the number-one manufacturer of carpet fibers), requires hot water extraction (steam cleaning) at least every 18-24 months, and Shaw Corp., the world’s leading carpet manufacturer  recommends “steam cleaning”  every 6 to 18 months.

Should I clean my carpet myself?
Our experience is that our customers who use these home carpet cleaning machines invariably have the same result which is this:  these machines lack the power of our professional equipment and therefore force much of the soil into the backing of the carpet.  This soil then resurfaces, causing a dull look and damage to the carpet.  Also, these machines lack the power to rinse the detergent used in the process out of the carpet.  This also can damage your carpet and cause rapid re-soiling, or even mold.

Can I clean upholstered furniture myself?
Although there are many retail products on the market, they tend to leave alkaline residues which can attract soil, or even cause discolorations in the fabric. Also, every sofa or chair has a specific cleaning method specified by the manufacturer. We will clean your upholstered furniture accordingly.

Can a carpet cleaning company also clean my oriental rugs?
We clean oriental rugs at our Rug Care Studio, using special methods. The rug is thoroughly washed and dried before we get it back to you. If an valuable natural fiber oriental rug were to be cleaned just as a carpet, it could brown,shrink, or still be dirty, and it could damage your hardwood floor.

Can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?
During the drying process, yes, you can walk on the carpet. The main danger here is if the carpet is still moist you could slip and fall on an adjacent smooth (tile, cement,etc.) surface, so caution is needed. As far as re-soiling the carpet while it is still drying, YOU CAN WEAR YOUR SHOES provided the soles are clean. Wipe them with a terry towel or rag before entering the house.

How long does carpet take to dry after cleaning?
Our cleaning system guarantees fast drying, usually in about four to  six to hours.  You will see that we have placed plastic or Styrofoam furniture protectors under your furniture. Do no remove these until the carpet is totally,  totally dry (72 hours).

Should I open all the windows during drying?
No. You may crack some windows, if you should find it necessary to let some humidity out, but the main thing is to maintain room temperature or higher during the drying process. NOTE- IN COLD OR DAMP WEATHER WINDOWS SHOULD REMAIN CLOSED- ALWAYS KEEP THEM CLOSED AT NIGHT AFTER CARPET CLEANING.

Should I use retail products for spotting?
Please call us for advice on this at 805-985-6031

Are pets a danger to my carpet or upholstered furniture?
We recommend more frequent service calls if you have cats or dogs. We specialize in removing pet odor and stains from carpet. In many cases, we can restore your carpet. Please call us for an inspection.

How can I reduce wear and rapid re-soiling?
Ask about our  Carpet Protector, it really works! This will allow more dirt to go into your vacuum cleaner when you vacuum, and also protect against some stains in the case of spills. Also, area rugs or runners can be used. Maintain your carpet with frequent vacuuming