Finding Local Carpet Cleaning In Camarillo

 Do carpets and rugs need cleaning?

As a homeowner, renter, or business owner, you maybe wondering “do carpets and rugs need professional cleaning?” If so, how often? Who should I hire for the job? What credentials should the company be able to easily provide? What kind of systems, cleaning products and equipment?



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What does the carpet mill industry say?

The makers of carpet (Stainmaster, Shaw Floors and Mohawk)  all concur that professional cleaning should be done annually, even if you use your own machine to clean the carpet in- between. And, you must have it done at least every two years to keep the carpet under warranty.

This is because abrasion will occur if you don’t hire a certified pro carpet cleaner to remove the film of soil that collects on each fiber after 12 months. This abrasion will make your traffic lanes look dark- because it’s  not reflecting and passing light normally.


Who should I hire?

Stainmaster says only a company who is listed as certified by the IICRC, (who can be contacted by phone) should be trusted. This is because of the extensive training and skill that a firm certified by that organization will have.

What kind of systems should be used?

The top method recommended most by carpet makers for wall to wall carpet, is hot water extraction. That is the same as “steam cleaning.” Again, never hire a cleaner who is not certified by the IICRC to do this, or your carpet may be harmed by getting over-wetted.


Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Expert Dan Traub

Author Dan Traub is a Certified Carpet Cleaner With 27 Years Experience

Rug Stains Can Be Hidden By Our Color Enhancement

rug before

This wool oriental area rug from Pakistan was badly stained by a pet accident. After our wash process, there was still a major permanent stain. So, we called our client and she decided to have us “tea wash” the rug to help hide the stain. See below for the result after our dying process (which is permanent)

Rug Repair and Dying Ventura CountyMuch better! This permanent tea wash gives your rugs a beautiful “new” look!

Getting Tile and Grout Cleaned and Sealed in Ventura County

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Results

Tile and Grout Before and AfterFS logo

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Hard-surface flooring is a popular choice and is replacing wall-to-wall carpet as the leading seller in new flooring, in the United States. It is a really good choice when combined with soft textures such as wall-to wall carpet, area or Oriental rugs and sofas, which all need professional cleaning annually. But does tile and natural stone tile such as travertine or marble need professional cleaning? If so, how often? Who should you select to do the job, and what credentials should they carry?

The grout needs professional care after several years of normal use. Of you have pets maybe sooner. If the grout lines are much darker where you walk than they are near walls and/or under furniture or area rugs, then you need professional service.

The best system used cleaning tile and grout or natural stone- (which is different from honing and polishing)

1) Your tile and grout is inspected to determine matterials and make-up (very important- never trust a cleaner who doesn’t know how to do this)

2)    Your tile and grout is pre-treated with a special cleaning agent to break down oils and to brighten your grout. Then we use either a hand- brush or rotary brush machine to work it in or to pre-clean soiled tile surfaces.

3)    Your tile is rinsed with very hot water which is pressurized to 100 PSI through a special rotary tool. This will extract all of the water into a recovery tank in our truck-mounted machine. Nothing sprays outside of the machine- there is no mess in your home.

4)      This professional tile cleaning system removes ALL soil, greasy oils, and normal residues that have built up or soaked into the grout. If you have a grout stain or tile soil problem, this cleaning system will give amazing results. However, after cleaning there may be some permanent stains in the grout or the tile, or imperfections in the grout from when the grout was installed. We do highly recommend that you have the grout sealed by Four Seasons as part of the job,  after cleaning. Our grout sealer is superior to ones found in stores because it protects for years against the staining of that  porous grout material, caused by it soaking up soiled water during mopping, and oils from animals’ fur and feet.

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Oxnard Client Aquires Rare Oriental Rug At Great Price

Our client bought this beautiful Tunesian flat-weave Oriental carpet here in Ventura County. He has been having Four Seasons Rug Care pick up all his area rugs in Oxnard where he lives for our wash process. He also loves our premium Oriental Rug Pad that we custom- cut for each rug that he collects. This client travels the world in his occupation and that is how most of his purchase are made. However, this one he found at a local store! You can stop by there and see all the great deals they have on rugs and other furnishings! Consignment Warehouse-  921 E Ventura Blvd  Oxnard, CA 93036



Ventura County Oriental Rug

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Thousand Oaks

Today we cleaned porcelain tile and grout for Mrs Casey M, of Newbury Park. As you can see, the film that coated every tile was hiding the wonderful travertine-like appearance.  As the SX-12 cleaning tool moved across the kitchen floor here, not only the tile but also the grout turned out crystal-clean!

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Thousand Oaks

This service should be done every two to five years, folowed by our grout sealing service. We are also experts in cleaning natural stone!

Camarillo Before and After Carpeted Stairs Video


What’s Different About Four Seasons Rug, Carpet and Upholstery  Cleaning

We are looking for a certain kind of client. That person is not a “price shopper” who goes down the list to decide on a cleaning company based on price. They have already heard of or have been directly victimized by uneducated, unethical carpet cleaners.

Four Seasons is at the opposite end of the spectrum from that kind of cleaning company.

Firstly, our company mission is “To provide The Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever.”

The way we deliver that, every time, is through our five values:

l) our REPUTATION– we serve many prominent citizens and celebrities

2) our EXPERIENCE–we have vast experience for any cleaning situation we may encounter

3) our EDUCATION and TRAINING–we send our techs to special schools as IICRC certified cleaners, and we are also authorized by Stainmaster because of that certified firm status.

4) our SYSTEMS–we follow a 12-step system of carpet cleaning for MAXIMUM SOIL AND SPOT REMOVAL WITHOUT EVER OVERWETTING THE CARPET

5) our GUARANTEE–we always deliver on our company mission so we are confident enough to offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Wool Area Rug Repair Right Here in Ventura County

Getting area rugs made of wool, silk, cotton or other natural matterials repaired by hand is difficult to do. No More! You can call us at Four Seasons Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to have all of your area rugs repaired and cleaned right here in Ventura County! Just call us at 805-985-6031 to arrange to bring your rugs in or we can send a van to pick them up. We have many colors and styles of wool yarn available, and expert hand-repair available!Customer from Thousand Oaks is having this Oriental Rug repair done here at our shop

Why Does Carpet Get Ripples?

Many consumers know that carpet looks its best during the first few years, typically. I have written in previous articles about the importance of regular vacuuming, and regular professional carpet cleaning by an IICRC certified firm.

Do you need carpet maintained in Camarillo?

Carpet That Needs Restretching In Camarillo









With regard to the ripples that carpet sometimes develops over time, that can be caused by several things. Most wall-to-wall carpet has what is known as “action-back” on the back side. It is made of two plastic mesh pieces, glued together. They are called the primary and secondary backings. Sometimes that backing simply stretches out with traffic and use. Sometimes those ripples can be inherent to the carpet itself, that is to say; a product problem.  It simply tends to stretch out over time and needs to be re-stretched. Soft-back carpet costs more but has less instances of unnatural stretching.

Another cause is poor installation in which the carpet installers did not stretch the carpet in with a tool called a “power stretcher.” To avoid this, always buy carpeting from a reputable, local dealer.

Sometimes, the stretching has been caused by “de-lamination.” De-lamination is where the primary and secondary backing have separated and the adhesive has come apart. This can be caused by flooding (water damage), or sometimes by carpet cleaning done by an amateur or uneducated cleaning professional. To avoid this, always hire a cleaning firm who is currently an “IICRC Certified Firm.”

And finally, sometimes action back carpet can get temporary ripples in it directly after a carpet cleaning job. These are caused by the adhesive in the primary and secondary backings being too absorbent, and they swell up temporarily. As long as the carpet cleaning professional has followed industry standards and has good equipment, and the carpet was never over-wetted, this will correct itself in 72 hours.

How to Correct Rippling

To correct this, the carpet must be re-stretched with a power stretcher or, in a small room, a knee-kicker tool will suffice. Do not try this yourself, hire a professional. Your trusted local carpet cleaning firm can do this for you, and in many cases restore the look of your carpet so that you can get more years out of it.


So, to summarize, do the following to ensure that your installed carpet will last years and always look great:

Implement regular vacuuming, and hire regular professional carpet cleaning by an IICRC certified firm at least every 12-18 months. If you have pets, more frequent professional cleaning may be necessary.

Always buy carpeting from a reputable, local dealer. Make sure they have a good longstanding relationship with the installer and a guarantee on installation for at least one year. Also, soft-back carpet costs more but has less instances of unnatural stretching.

Wool Rugs For Your Home

Finding a qualified cleaner to handle professional cleaning of Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and wool carpets can be tricky. Here’s how to do it.

If you have wool, silk or other natural fiber rugs down on the floors they need to be serviced more often than you may think.  These rugs and carpets are made out of colored “yarns’ and either hand-knotted or woven into the final product, which is a rug or carpet.

The Woolsafe organization recommends regular cleaning in order to maintain a beautiful appearance for many years.  Most people get this cleaning only when the piece or room looks dirty.  Actually the fibers need professional maintenance more often, because soils that won’t vacuum off will adhere to yarns and permanently stain them, as those particles act as a vegetable dye on the fibers. Whether a machine-made area rug or a fine hand-knotted Persian or other Oriental rug, caring for it is a worthy investment.

But that begs the question “who should I hire?” and “what method should be used?”

It’s well worth looking into the Woolsafe organization, who trains and approves companies, technicians, and cleaning products for safe and effective cleaning of wool rugs, carpet or upholstered furniture.  First of all, a Woolsafe certified rug and carpet cleaner is the best choice. These are called “approved fabric care specialists,” and the companies who are certified are called “Certified Operators.” To qualify for the Woolsafe instruction, testing and certification, the following criteria must be met:

  • A  company owner must have been in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business for at least five years.
  • Must be currently certified by the Clean Trust (formerly IICRC)
  • Must have current business license and liability insurance and workman’s comp for employees.
  • Must exclusively use Woolsafe approved and pretested products in cleaning operations when cleaning wool
  • Must ensure the highest technical and business practice standards in carpet and upholstery cleaning

As to the question of the cleaning methods, several have been approved by the organization. For Oriental rugs or wool rugs with no secondary backing, when appropriate, the most thorough method is the “full water immersion” method. This is where the rug is “dusted” to shake our most of the dust, then vacuumed, then shampooed in an approved detergent, then completely rinsed in a large fresh-water bath.  Next comes water extraction, forced-drying and grooming.

Of course with this method, a huge amount of training knowledge and skill must first be acquired by the cleaning operator. Several other less invasive methods are also approved by Woolsafe , such as hot water extraction.

In conclusion, finding a reputable wool rug and carpet cleaner is much easier when you know the right resources to go through.

Getting Area Rugs Repaired

Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other natural-fiber area rugs are popular for decorating floors and even walls around the world. By the way, the definition of an Oriental rug is: any area rug which is 100% natural fiber and 100% hand-made.  Because of foot traffic and environmental circumstances, these rugs invariably become worn on surfaces, edges, and corners. Fringes, the foundation “warp” yarns that true Oriental rugs have hanging out of  the two  ends, become frayed and wear down to the nubs.

Can you repair them yourself? If you are good with needle and thread, it’s possible to do some minor repairs in some cases, such as repairing “over-casting,” the wrapping around the edge cords. You will need to find the right color of thread made out of the same materials, usually wool.

However, in most cases, a qualified Oriental and area rug cleaning facility is your best choice for having these rugs repaired. Minor to moderate repairs can include corner repair, edge over-casting, fringe stop-knot installation to prevent unraveling, and repair of small holes.

In more severe cases of damaged fibers or missing areas of material, a company who offers re-weaving may be necessary, and the repair could be quite time-consuming and costly.  A common problem is pet damage, such as dogs taking a bite out of the edge.  That particular problem is quite costly to have repaired, because there is nothing left, the entire section has to be totally re-knotted by the artisan, weaving in the correct pattern.

How can these rugs last longer without needing these costly repairs as frequently? Repair can be prevented by purchasing a custom-cut, cushioned pad made specifically for Oriental or other natural-fiber rugs. Your professional rug cleaning facility is your best bet for purchasing this product. Also, beware of clothes moths. They lay eggs and the hatched larvae eat holes in the back and front surfaces of the rugs.

To prevent moth infestation or minor moth “munching,” there are a few tips: first, don’t put your rug under your sofa, moths love the shade, but they hate light. They will lay their eggs in the shade. If you have a coffee table on your rug, move the table and vacuum at least once a week. Also, don’t  store your rugs in  garage or storage facility if you can help it. Moths often get into the rug, whether or not it has been wrapped, and lay eggs, causing infestation. At my company, we have seen rugs opened up after a few months of storage, and to the owner’s horror the thing is filled with these maggots and the rug is pretty much destroyed. One more tip to prevent moth damage: have your rugs cleaned at least every two years by a qualified local company who truly specializes in cleaning natural fiber rugs. For Oriental rugs, the full water immersion method is far superior because it washes out imbedded insect eggs.

Finally, keep an eye on your rugs, rotate them annually and for rug repair, choose a repair specialist with great credentials when needed.