How To Remove Spots From Your Carpet

Carpet spots can really be embarrassing if you have friends coming over- or that periodic vist from your mother- in- law!
Our company in Ventura specializes in cleaning natural fiber area rugs

Wool Rugs For Your Home

Finding a qualified cleaner to handle professional cleaning of Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and wool carpets can be tricky. Here’s how to do it.

If you have wool, silk or other natural fiber rugs down on the floors they need to be serviced more often than you may think.  These rugs and carpets are made out of colored “yarns’ and either hand-knotted or woven into the final product, which is a rug or carpet.

The Woolsafe organization recommends regular cleaning in order to maintain a beautiful appearance for many years.  Most people get this cleaning only when the piece or room looks dirty.  Actually the fibers need professional maintenance more often, because soils that won’t vacuum off will adhere to yarns and permanently stain them, as those particles act as a vegetable dye on the fibers. Whether a machine-made area rug or a fine hand-knotted Persian or other Oriental rug, caring for it is a worthy investment.

But that begs the question “who should I hire?” and “what method should be used?”

It’s well worth looking into the Woolsafe organization, who trains and approves companies, technicians, and cleaning products for safe and effective cleaning of wool rugs, carpet or upholstered furniture.  First of all, a Woolsafe certified rug and carpet cleaner is the best choice. These are called “approved fabric care specialists,” and the companies who are certified are called “Certified Operators.” To qualify for the Woolsafe instruction, testing and certification, the following criteria must be met:

  • A  company owner must have been in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business for at least five years.
  • Must be currently certified by the Clean Trust (formerly IICRC)
  • Must have current business license and liability insurance and workman’s comp for employees.
  • Must exclusively use Woolsafe approved and pretested products in cleaning operations when cleaning wool
  • Must ensure the highest technical and business practice standards in carpet and upholstery cleaning

As to the question of the cleaning methods, several have been approved by the organization. For Oriental rugs or wool rugs with no secondary backing, when appropriate, the most thorough method is the “full water immersion” method. This is where the rug is “dusted” to shake our most of the dust, then vacuumed, then shampooed in an approved detergent, then completely rinsed in a large fresh-water bath.  Next comes water extraction, forced-drying and grooming.

Of course with this method, a huge amount of training knowledge and skill must first be acquired by the cleaning operator. Several other less invasive methods are also approved by Woolsafe , such as hot water extraction.

In conclusion, finding a reputable wool rug and carpet cleaner is much easier when you know the right resources to go through.

Getting Area Rugs Repaired

Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other natural-fiber area rugs are popular for decorating floors and even walls around the world. By the way, the definition of an Oriental rug is: any area rug which is 100% natural fiber and 100% hand-made.  Because of foot traffic and environmental circumstances, these rugs invariably become worn on surfaces, edges, and corners. Fringes, the foundation “warp” yarns that true Oriental rugs have hanging out of  the two  ends, become frayed and wear down to the nubs.

Can you repair them yourself? If you are good with needle and thread, it’s possible to do some minor repairs in some cases, such as repairing “over-casting,” the wrapping around the edge cords. You will need to find the right color of thread made out of the same materials, usually wool.

However, in most cases, a qualified Oriental and area rug cleaning facility is your best choice for having these rugs repaired. Minor to moderate repairs can include corner repair, edge over-casting, fringe stop-knot installation to prevent unraveling, and repair of small holes.

In more severe cases of damaged fibers or missing areas of material, a company who offers re-weaving may be necessary, and the repair could be quite time-consuming and costly.  A common problem is pet damage, such as dogs taking a bite out of the edge.  That particular problem is quite costly to have repaired, because there is nothing left, the entire section has to be totally re-knotted by the artisan, weaving in the correct pattern.

How can these rugs last longer without needing these costly repairs as frequently? Repair can be prevented by purchasing a custom-cut, cushioned pad made specifically for Oriental or other natural-fiber rugs. Your professional rug cleaning facility is your best bet for purchasing this product. Also, beware of clothes moths. They lay eggs and the hatched larvae eat holes in the back and front surfaces of the rugs.

To prevent moth infestation or minor moth “munching,” there are a few tips: first, don’t put your rug under your sofa, moths love the shade, but they hate light. They will lay their eggs in the shade. If you have a coffee table on your rug, move the table and vacuum at least once a week. Also, don’t  store your rugs in  garage or storage facility if you can help it. Moths often get into the rug, whether or not it has been wrapped, and lay eggs, causing infestation. At my company, we have seen rugs opened up after a few months of storage, and to the owner’s horror the thing is filled with these maggots and the rug is pretty much destroyed. One more tip to prevent moth damage: have your rugs cleaned at least every two years by a qualified local company who truly specializes in cleaning natural fiber rugs. For Oriental rugs, the full water immersion method is far superior because it washes out imbedded insect eggs.

Finally, keep an eye on your rugs, rotate them annually and for rug repair, choose a repair specialist with great credentials when needed.


Looking for Budget Carpet Cleaning?

As  a veteran carpet cleaning business owner, and certified carpet rug and upholstery cleaner, many people tell me that they need to save money on carpet cleaning these days. They need their carpet cleaned and they want to find an affordable price. They use phrases to describe the prices they have been quoted such as “that’s a large chuck of change,”  and words like “exorbitant.”

I tell them that all carpet cleaners are not the same, there are good and bad, and “you get what you pay for.” Then I try to provide them with information to help them reassess their conclusions.

Firstly, it’s important to understand carpet, why it needs to be cleaned and how.

Wall-to wall carpet is usually made of nylon or polyester, or wool, with a polypropylene backing.  The backing doesn’t need to be cleaned and should not ever get wet as the result of carpet cleaning. Carpet makers tell us that we MUST get our carpets professionally cleaned at least every two years, and by an IICRC Certified firm  (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). If we do that, the carpet remains fully under warranty for about seven years, depending on the terms of your particular carpet warranty.

Folks, carpet cleaning may cost you around three to five-hundred bucks for a house every one to two years, if you vacuum regularly. But the cost of replacing carpet is about ten to twenty times that much!

So let’s not get too hung up on finding the cheapest price.

Here are some of the things people have shared with me, that have happened to them as a result of hiring “bargain” carpet cleaners:

The company doesn’t have reputable, well-serviced equipment and if fails, or in some cases damages the carpet.

The company sends out employees who look scary and don’t have a good appearance.

The company sends out employees who cannot speak English.

The company sends out employees who have an attitude.

The company never shows up.  This is common on smaller carpet cleaning jobs, because if they get a bigger job that day they will just “blow you off.”

The carpet dries slowly, sometimes taking days and days. By that time there are water marks and a bad smell (mildew).

The company sends out employees who don’t honor the original quote given on the phone and  want to charge much, much more for a full “deep” cleaning.  This is called “Bait and Switch.”

By the way, all carpet cleaning jobs should be “deep” cleaning.

There is only two ways to do a carpet cleaning job, the right way and the wrong way. Any carpet cleaning job should be a thorough cleaning with all pre-conditioning included. This will deliver a thorough result, totally clean, without returning spots. That way you get your money’s worth, and you won’t need the service for about another year.

I do recommend ordering “Scotch Guard” or “Dupont Teflon” being applied as well. It will cost a little more but it is well worth it. Just be sure your carpet cleaning professional is IICRC Certified, to ensure they are selling you the service using the best products. You can check this at the IICRC website. Just search in Google for  ”IICRC,” or “certified carpet cleaner”.

Also, make sure the company has a great guarantee. What often happens is this: a consumer does a bunch of price-shopping on the phone, and believes they got a  great bargain on carpet cleaning. The job is done, but when the carpet dries it looks bad, and the customer calls the company back they get voice-mail—and no reply to their calls.

Four Seasons Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers a thirty-day guarantee against returning spots. Our motto is “if the spots come back, we come back.” You should not accept less. And, we do feature monthly speciuals on  blog page of our site (News and Monthly Specials).

Now you may be reading this article and wondering “how will I know if I am being overcharged?” Well, what I recommend is to call two or three previous clients of the company you are going to hire, and just ask them if they recommend the company. The company should provide you with references, if you ask.

You may have been looking for affordable carpet cleaning. What I am suggesting is that whether you own your home, or you are renting a house and you need a carpet cleaning after you move out, who can afford to get ripped off? It’s really well worth it to hire a company with a great reputation in the area, and one who can demonstrate real credentials.

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Carpet Care Tips: Getting Spots and Stains Out

Despite the rise of hard-surface floorings such as hardwood, stone and tile, carpet is still a huge seller. The United States is the single largest purchaser of carpets in the world market, with approximately $500 million in annual sales.

Although hardwood and stone or other tile floors are beautiful, area rugs are a must to provide comfort and sound-absorption in those rooms. And, many people still prefer wall-to wall carpet in areas such as bedrooms.

Keeping nylon, wool, or polyester carpet looking beautiful can be challenging, especially if your household includes pets, children, or both. Since I went into the carpet cleaning business back in the 1980’s, I have done so many jobs which people have asked me the same question: how can I keep my carpet beautiful in-between annual professional carpet cleaning?

First of all, avoid using store-bought carpet spotters. They are full of detergent and tend to add to add tons of sticky chemicals to your carpet, when you use them. However, some professional carpet cleaning companies do offer quality no-rinse carpet spotters for their clients to purchase, and some of those are good.
If you aren’t sure, I would recommend to you simply do this when you find a spot in your carpet:
Make every effort to immediately blot spills with a white cotton terry towel. However, if the spot is already dry, first gently scrape the spot with a spoon, then vacuum it.

If you have a bottle of our own “Four Seasons Carpet Cleaning” spotter, use it with a with a white cotton terry towel, according to the directions.

If not, mix one cup of warm water with a few drops of liquid dish detergent (not the automatic kind). Get a white, cotton terry towel and moisten a corner with the detergent mixture. Next, blot the stain with the towel, then use a dry towel to blot again. Repeat if necessary.

If the carpet or rug is wool, use Woolite instead of dish detergent. Do not use “Oxyclean” or bleach.
If it is a pet stain, you should mix the detergent mixture 50/50 with an enzyme-based pet deodorizer from a pet store. I recommend “Nature’s Miracle.”
The rule is: be sparing (don’t soak your carpet), and if you don’t succeed, call us immediately!

Need Carpet Repair in Ventura County?

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Trivia Question: What is the oldest known rug?

Answer: The art of carpet weaving existed in Iran in ancient times, according to evidence such as the 2500-year-old Pazyryk carpet, dating back to 500 B.C., during the Achaemenid period.

Our Oriental Rug Bath Facility Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara

Many carpet cleaners promote themselves as “Oriental Rug Cleaning Masters” or “Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts,” but do not actually have the experience, training or specialized equipment necessary for doing a thorough cleaning of an oriental, or other natural-fiber area rug.  Usually they are actually not experts in Oriental rugs, and will use normal carpet cleaning equipment to clean your rugs, and do not even have professional rug-dusting equipment to pre-clean your rug with. This pre-dusting is what shakes sand and grit out of the rug as a first-step.

The number-one expert-recommended method of cleaning many of these rugs is called “full water immersion.” This is where the rug is actually soaked and washed in a flat bath of cold water, after a pre-shampoo to get out tough spots, stains, and soils.

Since opening our rug cleaning facility in Ventura (Four Seasons Rug Spa, 5757  Olivas Park Dr.  # N, Ventura, CA, 93003), building a tried and- tested system  which we purchased  in November, 2009,  and purchasing a second truck for pick-up and delivery of rugs,  we have been really ratcheting up production in our Oriental Rug and Persian rug cleaning operation.  Our Full water-immersion system has cleaned out pet stains, sand, dirt and stains from Camarillo to Ventura to Santa Barbara and our customers are sending in their testimonials.

Kate Garcia of Camarillo says: “Dan removed coffee stains from my oriental rug. Before Dan’s amazing work I was rather ashamed of the rug’s appearance. Now it adds beauty to my home again! I am so pleased! Thank you Dan for the attention you pay to detail, for your courtesy and professional treatment of myself, my home and a prized possession. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my family, friends, and neighbors. I live in Camarillo and am very happy to have found Four Seasons!”

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