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Camarillo Dust Requires Regular Carpet Cleaning

Have you seen the smog in Camarillo, CA, and all over Ventura County this time of year? It is caused by farmers tilling their land to get  new crops planted in the early Autumn. This brown dirt actually gets in your house ,even with the windows closed. Embedding itself in your carpets, upholstery and floors, it is a huge source of allergens such as pollen and dust mites.

our carpet cleaning tech in camarillo

Our Technician Danny Cleaning a heavily- soiled carpet.

Q: How do you fix this problem?

A: Hire a company who is an “IICRC Certified Firm.”


Unfortunately our industry, like many service industries, is filled with uneducated, uninformed and sometimes downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners. Hiring a company with this certification  provides you with some assurance that you will have someone come to your home who is reputable, experienced, educated in their field, uses the best systems and equipment, and who guarantees their work.

Our company has maintained this designation for over a decade!





Does Upholstered Furniture Need To Be Cleaned?

Most people don’t realize how much dust collects in the covering of their sofa and chairs. Over 12 months, professional cleaning becomes necessary. And the funny thing is, without a professional soiling test, you won’t notice the condition of your pieces because the soil is hidden. It forms a film over each “yarn”, hiding the colors and clinging to the surface.
Camarillo Upholstery Cleaning
That’s why vacuuming, while helpful, is no replacement for professional cleaning. Because of the dust in our home, oils from our bodies and that of our pets, annual maintenance is recommended by all major furniture manufacturers including Ethan Allen, one of the world’s premier furniture manufacturers.
When you hire a carpet cleaning company do upholstery cleaning, make sure they are certified by the IICRC. This is called a “Certified Cleaning Firm.”

Always hire a reputable company who has positive online reviews, a business license, and good local references.
Another issue is fabric protection: if the surface is not well- protected by a special finishing spray, it could lead to premature permanent staining. Aerosol cans should never be applied to your valuable furniture, this is something that a professional must do. The advantages of this include much better dust repellancy, less allergens clinging to the cushions, and another advantage is that spots and spills can be cleaned up easily with a home spotting kit. If your furniture was protected when you bought it, just remember that the areas you sit on or come in contact with frequently are subject to traffic wear. In those areas, the fabric protection wears off in one to two years and the piece must be re-protected after professional cleaning.
DIY (do-it-yourself) upholstery cleaning can lead to fabric damage or mildew.
Never take the cushion pillows off for washing in your laundry or at a dry cleaner. Ethan Allen warns against this practice on the label under the seat cushions. Have a professional company clean them for you.
Using a small carpet cleaning machine is not usually a good idea, since you don’t have the training to identify the fibers in the covering and choose the right cleaning method.
Left without annual pro cleaning, many people need to have their chairs or sofas recovered years before they had expected their furniture to become worn and stained. It’s a worthy investment!